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Searacer Electric Personal Water Motorcycle


Searider was born from passionate, engineering experience and rider enthusiast. We have created the most unique e- watercraft of the modern age. Finally, an e-water mobility revolution is available for you without any compromise.

source.image: Searider

For performance enthusiasts’ riders, inspirated by the moto sports industry, the Searacer is the ultimate product representing performance, innovation and ultimate sensation.

source.image: Searider

At Searider we value your safety by developing the most advanced technology incorporating the industry standard safety parameters and developing user friendly products.


Searacer offers 50 minutes autonomy and maximum speed of 77 km/h, elevating the adrenaline rush for riders seeking thrill and speed. With its high- performance capabilities, this model maintains a total weight of 65 kg, ensuring precise handling and highest levels of performance on the water.

Searacer and its unique futurist racing design, will take you immediately into our DNA.Feel the ride of the future with Searacer.Every aspect of the Searacer is meticulously crafted using the latest technology, from its dual electric motors to its hydrodynamic structural design. Searider’s in-house patented powertrain has been designed for efficiency, propelling riders into the future with reliable power. Searider has listed the Searacer for respective preorder prices of €27,950.


  • Max speed: 77 KM/H
  • Autonomy: 50 MN
  • Battery: Universal and removable pack
  • Propulsion: Dual electric motors
  • Weight: 65 KG
  • Horsepower: 45HP (33KW)