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School Bus Converted Into Stunning Home and Mobile Business

This family’s motto is to Be Bold and Seek Adventure! That’s exactly what they are doing in their incredible school bus which has been converted into a spectacular off-the-grid tiny house which also operates as their mobile photography studio.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Many people would love to live a life of travel on the road, but often wonder how they are able to generate income while on the move.This family have generated a successful wedding photography business which allows them to earn money while traveling.

Their 9 year old son is along for the ride and is getting an incredible education through road-schooling while seeing things that other kids only get to learn about in classrooms.The old blue bird bus is completely charming from the exterior.


Inside, the bus quickly turns into a welcoming and functional home, with a large kitchen space, comfortable lounge / dining area and the toilet and sleeping area towards the rear of the bus.The kitchen space has been kept minimal and simple, as the family don’t do a huge amount of cooking in the bus. Much of the meals are prepared on an open fire or BBQ outside the bus.