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The Fancy Tripbuddy Caravan Of The 21st Century, That You Can Put Your Motorcycle In The Back

Designed with soul, your personal Tripbuddy is ready to go, as soon as you are. Don’t just hang around waiting for life to find you.Whether you choose to go alone or make memories with family or friends, take a planned – or unplanned – journey with your Tripbuddy on tow.

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Tripbuddy’s comfort and style gives you the freedom to appease the wanderlust stirring your restless soul, even on a whim.

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Tripbuddy is destined to become part of your wanderlust adventures, so it’s important to really make it your own. Tripbuddy is custom-built according your personal requirements.

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From choosing your favourite colour to reflect your vibe on the outside, to bespoke interior lighting, to entertainment systems and your personalised interior furnishings to make it feel like home from home.You can even have automatic self-levelling corner stays.


The Tripbuddy Anywhere the iconic introduction to a totally new concept in caravan design, made from composite materials but with the capability of a payload of 650 kilos.

You can put your Harley in the back without any problem, but with all the luxury you would expect from a yacht. Pack your canoe, motorbike, surfboard, or hiking boots in the space within your Tripbuddy, whatever you need, and as soon as you arrive, you’ll be ready to go.