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Screecher Pedalcycle – A Four-Wheeled Electric/Solar Pedalcycle


The Screecher is a bio-electric hybrid, with pedal-assist and solar recharging.,powered by twin 350-watt electric motors and a 12.8ah 48V battery. Riders enjoy 5 levels of pedal-assist and can ride up to ~20 miles with no pedaling at all.

source/image(PrtSc): SCREECHER Pedalcycle

With room for 2 passengers, you can hop on with a friend, commute to work, or bring your groceries home in a trailer. The design and engineering are elegant, functional, and simple. The result is a fun, practical, green, and affordable form of transportation.

Screecher is both a better way to move around and better for the planet we all call home. Prepare yourself for the shout-outs of approval and thumbs-up from total strangers!


Our goal was to solve a particular problem: The lack of affordable, electric-powered, carbon-neutral transportation. We did not set out to build an expensive and over-engineered product, available to only a few.