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EV4 Tilting Electric City Quad Bike!


The EV4 City Quad is a 4 wheel drive vehicle, which can tilt just as a traditional bicycle.Tilting ability gives the bike a huge advantage while driving in the city.The vehicle’s low weight and the use of modern and efficient lithium ion batteries achieved an unparalleled driving range.

source/image(PrtSc): Aero-Service

Shocks are absorbed by two bicycle shock absorbers with adjustable hardness and damping.It has two 800w DC motor. Its range is between 90-130 km. Its bloody light weight, only 53 kg with the battery. Maximum speed is 35 km.

It has hydraulic disc brakes on 4 wheels allow for very short braking distances, making the EV4 very safe.


Driving this vehicle delivers unbelievable impressions. It is driven with utmost ease. The EV4’s four wheels result in an unparalleled stability, superior to that of single-track vehicles.