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See Thru Car on Nitrous Races C43 AMG – Weight Reduction Or Power

I set up nitrous on the see-through car and then go up against a C43 AMG with and without NOS in a Drag Race in this episode of Warped Perception.I guess it’s kind of like weight reduction versus Power and the results are very interesting, seeing as my E-Class Mercedes puts out much less power then the C43 AMG I won the Races by more than a car and a half./Warped Perception

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

I also end up finally repairing the transmission by changing the conductor plate, installing a set of Hoosier slicks, and installing wet fogger nitrous kit by Zex.

This episode is basically to show everybody how nitrous oxide is used on a car and why people use it, and simply put it’s bolt-on power, as I demonstrate in this episode you can clearly see the difference with and without Nitrous.


In this episode I first set up the race, then I end up fixing the conductor plate in the transmission, then I mount some Hoosier slicks, and then last but not least I install the nitrous kit and go up for another round of races against the C43 AMG who also has nitrous.via: Warped Perception