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See Thru Intercooler 1000 HP Toyota Supra


An intercooler is a mechanical device used to cool a gas after compression. Compressing a gas increases its internal energy which in turn raises its temperature. An intercooler typically takes the form of a heat exchanger that removes waste heat in a gas compressor.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

Watch the video from Warped Perception where he builds a transparent intercooler.I Build a See-Thru Intercooler for My 1000 HP Toyota Supra to see what’s going on inside when that whiny Turbo is Making Boost.

Intercoolers increase the efficiency of the induction system by reducing induction air heat created by the supercharger or turbocharger and promoting more thorough combustion. This removes the heat of compression that occurs in any gas when its pressure is raised.


Intercoolers also eliminate the need for using the wasteful method of lowering intake charge temperature by the injection of excess fuel into the cylinders’ air induction chambers to cool the intake air charge prior to its flowing into the cylinders.

VIAWarped Perception
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