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See Thru Wood Gas Generator – How Does Wood Burn

Wood gas has been used for lighting, heat and engine fuel since the 1790s. Gasification uses natural forces to obtain otherwise wasted elements for more efficient use of woodburning.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

In this episode I build a See Through Wood Gas Generator to show everybody visually what the main components of a house fire are, and what the actual fuel is the wood produces when heated.Warped Perception

Most people think that when wood burns it’s the wood itself that burns but in reality it the gas that wood produces “wood gas” mixed with oxygen and an ignition source that causes the chain reaction known more commonly as burning.


Thanks to Chris King, a friend of mine, a Chicago Firefighter, Top Fuel Funny Car Driver for helping me out with this episode and giving me the idea for this episode, he was really surprised when he showed up and I had all of this setup and ready to go./Warped Perception