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Self-Build Hubless Roller Skates


The Q is back at it again, and for his latest project, he decided to build a pair of hubless roller skates that can even go off-road.He used his skills to create hubless pair of roller blades. He created their wheels using large ball bearings, which he wrapped with tire rubber and sandwiched between layers of steel to create a frame for each boot.

source.image: The Q

The build starts with a set of wheels salvaged from a toy car most probably that are sawed from the inside and then smoothened. This makes way for the metal bearings fitted snugly on the inside.

The inline skate plates were then removed and then the new ones were attached with the hubless wheels in place. What The Q ended up with was ‘4×4’, hubless roller skates designed to go anywhere, almost.


The best part of creating your own custom roller skates is that you can get them exactly how you want, from boot to plate, trucks to bearings, wheels to toe stops, and even the color of your laces.There are many options for suitable boots and equipment. The most important thing is to have some experience with the tools required for this build.