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Self-Built 4×4 Conversion 1990 Toyota Sunrader Camper Tour


Greg loves to camp. In his eyes, “overloading” means you’re off-road and camping from your truck. With this in mind, he transformed his 1990 2-wheel drive Sun Rader, into a 4×4 camper machine!

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

This rig has a custom engine with a hood scoop, a caged bumper, and Bushwhacker fenders to support the oversized tires.Watch the video from Tiny Home Tours:

The interior has several original furniture items and others that have been up-cycled for a more modern look. There’s a stainless steel sink next to a two-burner marine stovetop.


Greg has several options for storage with upper cabinets and hidden compartments. A full-size queen can easily fold up for more access to the cab or headroom in the central area.

SOURCETiny Home Tours
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