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Self Built Chevy Astro Camper Van Living Minimally


Meet Caleb & his incredible Astro Van. Caleb built out this rig with simplicity in mind, knowing his goal was to explore the world & spend more time outdoors, instead of in.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

His van features drawers that double as stools for when he has guests, 13 gallons of fresh water, tons of storage, & a full size bed.

After living in his van for 3 months in Bend, Oregon, Caleb decided that he was seeking an even more minimalistic life & wanted to trade in van life, for bike life.


Living in a van actually allows space for a few little extras in comparison to living out of a backpack, though it is still extremely limited.In fact, it makes you appreciate those added luxuries even more and shows you just how much stuff in a traditional home you really don’t need.