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Self-Built Off-Grid Island Homestead Built With Salvaged Materials


The island comprises a 2-story float home, a floating chicken coop, floating gardens, and even a floating compost shed! He’s been living on the water for 17 years and working hard to protect the Widgeon Slough area in BC, Canada. Shadow built this incredible floating island with salvaged and reclaimed materials.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

He gathers wood from the river to use as firewood, he grows some of his own fresh food in barrel gardens, and he collects fresh water from a nearby spring. He filters his greywater on a floating raft with multiple plant and husk filtration layers, and he composts his food and human waste to ensure that nothing goes overboard.

Each part of the island is floating independently with its own off-grid solar panel to provide electricity. This way, if the island breaks apart during a storm, the power system won’t be damaged.Shadow uses a skiff to collect wood from the river and to get around his island. For longer journeys into town, he uses his kayak to get to the road, and from there, he uses a bicycle to get to town for supplies.


He also has friends and family who help him with obtaining supplies.Shadow says the main threats to the area are poachers, pollution, film crews, and the local government spraying pesticides to control invasive species and opening the area to be a park. The government has been trying to evict him for years, but he feels that his presence is needed to keep people accountable for the harm they’re inflicting on this delicate ecosystem.///Exploring Alternatives

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