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Self-Built Triangle Wheeled Bicycle Prototype


There’s nothing you can’t achieve when you know your math and this YouTuber proves it best with his crazy DIY builds. Engineer Sergii Gordieiev is known for his DIY and out-there science experiments which he posts on his YouTube channel ‘The Q’.In this project he builds a unique bicycle that rides on triangle wheels with a custom suspension.

source.image: The Q

Triangle wheels can be comfortable! Actually, with this type of suspention almost any wheels shape would feel like normal round ones. he curve of the triangle, combined with the bike’s suspension allows him to ride smoothly.

The wheels are in the shape of a Reuleaux triangle – a curve of constant width. The frame sits on top of the wheels, supported by rollers within the fenders.Curves of constant width are planar curves that maintain the same width and height when rotated.


Such curves can be created using any odd number of sides between three and infinity, and include Reuleaux triangles and circles. When rolled as wheels of a bicycle, curves of constant width provide a uniform ride as long as the rider is supported by the top of each wheel rather than by the center, as in traditional bicycles.