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Self Made Bike On Tracks Rubber Tracked Bicycle


Youtube engineer The Q, has been experimenting with bicycles for some time now and has been revising their concept. This time he has created a ‘Bike on Tracks’ bicycle that runs on tracks instead of tyres.

source.image: The Q

The vehicle has no round wheels – instead there are two track strips arranged at an angle. When the rider pedals, the tracks move – and the bicycle rides.This bike doesn’t have wheels at all. Why did we do it? Just for fun.

The bike comes with two sets of wheel belts, mounted at absurd angles to create one of the most attention-gripping silhouettes one could imagine. The speed of the vehicle is low, so it is not very fast. In addition, unusual “wheels” are noisy while riding. But they are more stable than traditional round wheels.


The way the Wheelless Bike works is sort of like a tank, with the rotating wheel belts driving you forward.The Q added an additional gear, connecting the pedals to the apex of the rear wheel. For stability, the wheels were securely affixed at two points, ensuring they maintained their angular orientation while riding the bicycle.Appropriately dubbed the “Bike on Tracks,” it is an interesting take on what it means to be a bicycle.