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Tiny Home Inside Of a 18-wheeler Semi Truck


Clayton and Teresa take us on a tour of their incredible semi truck turned Tiny Home! This huge Tiny House includes two stories, with a pop top roof. There is even enough storage for some fun toys, like a jet ski and a motorcycle. This couple sure knows how to retire in style!

source.image(PrtSc): Tiny House Giant Journey

The couple wanted to hit the road and go places as soon as they retired, but finding the perfect mobile home was challenging.They bought a used semi-truck and converted it into a sustainable, comfortable home they could imagine living in for the rest of their lives. Watch the video from Tiny House Giant Journey:

The couple bought the used 53-foot semi-trailer and spent $180,000 creating a spacious home that they call the Nomad Monster” which includes a library, a full kitchen, a movie theater and even a hot tub.


The trailer has several rooms, including an office, kitchen, garage, living room, bedroom, library, and bathroom.It also has a grand-looking spiral staircase, which leads up to the second floor.It’s “a full kitchen, bigger than you’d find in most apartments.The modern kitchen has all standard domestic appliances, including induction stoves that run on solar power.