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Sheriff’s STARR 1 Helicopter Grass Fire Outside Assist

Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff STARR1 helicopter was recently requested to assist the fire department as it was attempting to contain a grass fire that was getting close to three homes near HWY 160, just north of the Antioch Bridge.

image/text credit: contracostasheriff

STARR 1 responded to the area. The fire, spreading fast due to high winds and flames, was less than 40 yards from a house. STARR 1 landed and applied the 144 gallon fire bucket to the bottom of the helicopter.

STARR 1 dropped six buckets of water on the grass fire extinguishing the flames near the home. STARR 1 continued to drop water on the fire for over 30 minutes.


Additionally, the Air Support Unit helicopter crews are trained to perform wildland fire suppression, the insertion or “short haul” of rescue personnel into scenes that are difficult to access, and transportation of injured victims to nearby emergency medical personnel.