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This Man Claims He Has Been To The Year 8973 & He Explains The Mandela Effect

William Taylor appeared on Apex TV to claim there are many secrets being hidden from us.In the video, he claims to have been to the future on multiple occasions and he explains how time travel, multiple dimensions, and the Mandela Effect work.Taylor claims .There are many advanced technologies being kept secret from you.There are plans to release these to the public eventually but as of now, they are highly classified.

image/text credit: ApexTV 

They are going to come after me for making this video, I am putting myself at risk for telling you the truth.After claiming to have gone up the ranks in the British Intelligence Agency, Mr Taylor claims he was given access to their time machine.

According to Taylor time travel was first accomplished in 1981, and there is an infinite number of alternate universes out there.He went on to say that it is possible that the universes exist and they can be moved between. Taylor claims that a machine was developed for time traveling and to allow people to move between the parallel universes.


He went on to talk about going to 8973 and said that this was when the British government thought that machines and men would fuse together as one.The video goes on and the longer that Taylor speaks about his time in the future and time travel the stranger it seems to get.