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Sigma6 Two-Phase E-VTOL Cargo Drone


The Sigma-6 by Iflyasx is a flexible 2-phase electric VTOL capable of moving a variety of payloads based on the jobs to be done. This flexibility enables ASX to produce a standard flight module at scale that is simple in design and assembly, yet cost effective and accessible to fleet operators.

source.image(PrtSc): iflyasx

The Sigma 6 features an all-electric powertrain, which is operationally emission-free. Hybrid propulsion options will be available using environmentally friendly fuels, or hydrogen fuel cells.The Sigma-6 is VTOL or eVTOL optional passenger and heavy-lift prototype aircraft with autonomous or pilot optional flight.

source.image(PrtSc): iflyasx

The cruise speed is estimated to be 203 km/h with a maximum speed greater than 322 km/h. The hybrid-electric powertrain range is greater than 322 km and the all electric powertrain has a range greater than 145 km.


The aircraft’s maximum payload is 454 kg and the aircraft has low noise emissions which are under 70 db.A tilt-wing eVTOL aircraft, which features direct-drive electric motors, and a flexible payload bay. A ground skateboard plugs and plays a payload module with fresh batteries, reducing recharging downtime.

SIGMA-6 offers a new way to deliver post, parcels, and all manner of products that have previously relied on traditional transport modes. We can ‘plug and play’ cargo of any dimension and material. This means that producers can lessen time schedules, getting cargo to its destination faster and with greater efficacy – making cost savings in the process.

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