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Silent MHD Magnetohydrodynamic Thrust For Ocean Travel


Silent MHD thrust is a solid state miracle. Magnetohydrodynamic thrust uses no moving parts in order to accelerate water. It has been known for half a century, but it may be possible that we’re only now beginning to explore it for use in Marine travel.

source.image: Plasma Channel

I built a modular MHD drive with great results, and documented the journey. The greatest strength of MHD thrust, may be its silence. A magnetohydrodynamic drive or MHD accelerator is a method for propelling vehicles using only electric and magnetic fields with no moving parts, accelerating an electrically conductive propellant (liquid or gas) with magnetohydrodynamics. The fluid is directed to the rear and as a reaction, the vehicle accelerates forward.

The working principle involves the acceleration of an electrically conductive fluid which can be a liquid or an ionized gas called a plasma by the Lorentz force, resulting from the cross product of an electric current motion of charge carriers accelerated by an electric field applied between two electrodes with a perpendicular magnetic field.


The Lorentz force accelerates all charged particles, positive and negative species in opposite directions. If either positive or negative species dominate the vehicle is put in motion in the opposite direction from the net charge.