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Jetson Astro Robot Companion to Jetson ONE


Meet the Jetson Astro.Today Jetson and SWAE announced their partnership to bring new innovative products and experiences to market. The first joint project is “Jetson Astro”, the robot dog.

source.image: Jetson

Jetson Astro was inspired by Astro in “The Jetsons”, where he is George’s self-appointed best friend. Astro has a flair for dramatics and is not ashamed to cry for attention.

source.image: Jetson

Astro is a custom design by SWAE based on the famous Boston Dynamics robot dog “Spot”. A revolution in robotics, Spot was first revealed to the world in 2016. Since then, the industry leading engineers at Boston Dynamics have continued to push the limits of whats possible for their four-legged friend.


We imagine that Astro could inspect critical Jetson ONE components such as propeller mounts, do a safety scan before take-off, and ensure that bystanders keep their safety distance. It is still early days and we are grateful to have the opportunity to test this technology with our partner SWAE.

Our mission is to make the skies available for everyone with our safe personal electric aerial vehicle.Are you ready to experience a completely new and exciting way of travel?

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