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Simple & Sustainable Living in My 100 Square Foot Tiny House


Welcome to my tiny house in Orlando, Florida where I live simply and sustainably! I built this tiny house along with friends for under $1,500, with nearly 100% secondhand and repurposed materials and while creating near zero waste- just 30 pounds of trash!/Rob Greenfield

source/image(PrtSc): Rob Greenfield

This setup allows me to live simply so that I can dedicate my time to the service of others and the earth. It also serves as a demonstration site for those who desire to live simply and sustainably.Rob Greenfield

I am so excited to FINALLY have a video tour of my place to show you! In this tour I show you the inside of my tiny 100 square foot house, my outdoor kitchen with greywater, my rainwater shower and rainwater collection system, my closed loop compost toilet, my garden and more!


The kitchen is lit with LEDs that are powered by a rechargeable battery and portable solar power panel.Rob has also set up what he calls a 100 percent closed loop composting toilet system,” which involves having two separate toilets: one for urine and one for solid waste.I wanted to keep this video somewhat short, but will have more videos to come.Rob Greenfield

VIA Rob Greenfield
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