Home WORLD A 500 HP & 1,000lb/ft Mil-Spec Hummer H1- Off-Road, One Take

A 500 HP & 1,000lb/ft Mil-Spec Hummer H1- Off-Road, One Take


Detroit outfit Mil-Spec is talking a problem that is much easier said than done: un-shitboxing the Hummer H1.You see, the original Hummer seemed cool at the time, but it was a seriously terrible vehicle.

source/image(PrtSc): TheSmokingTire

Underpowered, with half-thought accessories and a tendency to overheat, not to mention GM’s injection-molded interior. Mil Spec rebuilds the H1 from the frame rails up, drops in a new powertrain, re-designs the entire interior for better ergonomics, accessories, and sound, and, sells them ready to go, starting at $218,000.//TheSmokingTire

We built this truck as an example of a truly tastefully equipped Launch Edition with high contrasting finishes and materials.This is the first LE to feature our Moon Light Grey kevlar coating without a Bold Body/Tire package.


The interior features the Executive Interior Package with Black Nappa leather and black accented components. We are truly excited to have completed one of our favorite configurations to date!//milspecauto

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