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Single Mom Takes On Tiny Living To Break Free From High Costs In The City


Mindy and Chase are excited to show you around their cozy tiny house, named the “Little Lotus.” This space is designed with a relaxed, zen vibe, perfect for their lifestyle. From their full-size couch for cozy family nights to their multifunctional furniture, every piece serves at least two purposes to maximize space. Living Room & Workspace: Their living room doubles as an office and dining area. They have a coffee table that lifts up for ergonomic work and a bistro set where they can stand or sit for meals.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

They love light, breezy spaces that are easy to maintain, and their furniture, including a storage stool that doubles as a tabletop, reflects that. Kitchen Essentials: Despite the small size, their kitchen is designed for big cooking and entertaining. It features a full-size propane range, microwave, two-sided sink, and a wallpapered refrigerator for a personalized touch. They prioritized ample storage for their serving ware and cookware, with plenty of space to keep everything organized and within reach.

Bedroom Bliss: The master bedroom in the loft is the largest they’ve ever had, featuring a king-size bed, extensive clothing storage, and plenty of room for yoga and meditation. Chase’s bedroom downstairs offers him privacy and space for his interests, with room for friends to stay over and plenty of storage for his books and toys.


Spacious Bathroom: Their bathroom, one of the largest they’ve had, is designed to be both beautiful and functional. It includes a full-size shower with seats, ample storage for linens and toiletries, and a light, airy vibe. They have a full-size toilet and use electricity and propane just like a regular house, ensuring comfort and convenience.