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Supmaran Inflatable Electric Watercraft


The SUPMaRaN is a one of a kind watercraft designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Its key features include: Construction: It’s made using two stand-up paddle boards (SUP) that are held together by a specially designed frame. This unique design likely offers stability and maneuverability.

source.image: Supmaran

Portability: Weighing only 40 kilograms and designed to fit in any car, it’s convenient for transportation. Motor Compatibility: The motor mount is adaptable to any electric motor on the market, which means you can customize the power source to fit your needs.

Comfort: It features “FIAM” chairs from Italy, well known for their comfort and quality. Storage: The “KIS” scuba box, also made in Italy, offers a large 80-liter capacity for storage, which is great for longer trips.


Payload Capacity: With a payload capacity of 220 kg, it can accommodate two adults and a kid or a dog. Sunroof: The sunroof not only offers protection but also adds a stylish element to the design. Additionally, the SUPMaRaN can also be used as a sailboat in the future . A sail-kit will be available in 2024, adding another layer of versatility.