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Small Apartment With Popout Kitchen Celebrates Light And Flow


To add light and space to a cramped 60 square meter flat (645 square feet), Laura Bonell knocked down most of the walls to leave everything open except bathroom and bedrooms and used a furniture wall to divide the remaining space. To keep the remodel affordable, she used MDF (medium-density fiberboard) to build a pop-out kitchen, including a refrigerator, pantry, and coffee/smoothie bar. The backside of this furniture houses the couple’s clothes closets and partitions space for an entry room.

source/image(PrtSc): Kirsten Dirksen

To add height to the Barcelona apartment, Bonell and her partner Daniel López-Dòriga removed the false ceiling to expose Catalan vaults (brickwork arches). They painted the brickwork white to add a reflective layer and lighten the home.

At the far end of the flat, they added eight tall and narrow windows in two-toned wood which can be opened and closed separately and frame the courtyard – and neighbors – in a style reminiscent of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”.


To carve out a “room” near the view, they added a bench and shelving, creating a reading – or viewing – nook.The MDF furniture continues throughout the home beginning with a key shelf by the front door and curving to frame the bathroom, add a table to the kitchen, and supply couches to the living room.//Kirsten Dirksen

VIA Kirsten Dirksen