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The First Home Solar Pavement Installed As a Paving By PLATIO


PLATIO is a special solar solution installed as a paving for homes. Driveways, patios and balconies can now also generate green energy with the help of solar pavers.

source/image(PrtSc): Platio

PLATIO installations optimize your energy use, while adding a unique aesthetic value to your home design at the same time. The support structure is made from recycled plastic and construction waste for more durability and smaller ecological footprint.

The units have the shape, durability and simplicity of regular paving slabs, making solar pavings one of the smartest and safest solar solutions for modern homes. High quality engineering ensures hassle-free operation and resistance to load, impact, scratches and weather like any conventional pavement.


The Pavement can be installed in sizes of 10 to 30 square meters and is also suitable for driveways, terraces and balconies.They are anti-slip, so people can safely walk on them.The solar pavers are available in black, red, blue and green. Hardened glass tiles protect the solar cells.Electric car drivers can also use the solar paving system to fuel their vehicles.