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Smallest Miniatura W-32 Cylinder Engine In The World


Made with artisanal methods.Patelo dedicates this engine to all of his friends and to the followers of “Motores Patelo”around the world.This W-32 engine works using 64 valves and 32 cylinders and runs off of compressed air.

source/image(PrtSc): Motores Patelo

All of the parts move just like they would on a real engine, though this one uses compressed air as its energy source. Patelo spend over 2520 hours to build this engine which is made from 850 parts.

Each of the tiny 13.75mm diameter pistons has a 10mm stroke, and the tiny engine has a total displacement of just 0.0475 liters.


Patelo dedicates this engine to all his friends and followers of Motores Patelo around the world.

  • Displacement:47,5 cm3
  • Diameter of the Cylinders:13,75 mm
  • Stroke of the Pistons:10 mm
  • Pieces:850
  • Screws:632
  • Work Hours:2520
VIAMotores Patelo
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