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Smartflower, The World’s First Intelligent All-In-One Solar System

The SmartFlower is a fully integrated, all-in-one solar system that can live anywhere. All it takes is a quick setup by one of our installers and you’ll be producing clean energy for your home or business. And if you ever have to move it, SmartFlower can be easily packed up and moved to a new site.

source/image: smartflower TM

The flower goes “back to sleep” into a folding position at night or whenever high winds make it unsafe to operate.It does all of this autonomously through GPS-based dual axis tracking,it has a dual axis tracking system which keeps its panels oriented directly at the sun throughout the day.

The Smartflower system is a 3.2 kW solar array which is designed to be ground-mounted, with the device folding its panels up at night or in high wind conditions, and then automatically unfolding again in the morning.


According to the company website, this allows the units to produce between 3,400 and 6,200 kWh per year, which is equivalent to the “average complete annual consumption of a central European household.”