Home SCIENCE RidRoid CanguRo – A Smart Transforming Scooter That Follows You

RidRoid CanguRo – A Smart Transforming Scooter That Follows You


As a partner robot, it never leaves the side of its master. It transforms into a vehicle that augments its master’s physical functions—motional and sensory—and travels with the master as one.

source/image: fuRomovie

Built by Future Robotics Technology Center “fuRo“, which collaborated with Shunji Yamanaka. It is a machine lifeform produced from the latest robotics and AI technologies fused by product design.Its name is CanguRo.

When switched to vehicle mode, the robot transforms itself to an electric three-wheeler by unfolding a seat and moving the positions of its wheels


.Controlling the three-wheeler is similar to driving a motorcycle.It can also be set to go to a destination using an app.It weighs 64 kilograms and is capable of driving itself.CanguRo can be moved at a maximum speed of 10 km / h.

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