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Solar Powered Euro Airship To Circle The World Non-Stop


To promote a new sustainable mobility to the world, Euro Airship announces the launch of its project: Solar Airship One, the first non-stop world tour flight without fossil fuels.

source.image: EURO AIRSHIP

Scheduled for 2026, this epic journey will fly over 40,000 kms in 20 days, following a trajectory close to the equator at an average altitude of 6,000m. The solar airship developed by Euro Airship will fly without any noise, fossil fuel or CO2 emissions.

This mission has been made possible thanks to the support of key partners and industrial players: Capgemini, Groupe La Poste, and Orange, as well as others in convergence.For the same reasons, Solar Airship One has brought together emblematic French aeronautical sponsors and pilots: Bertrand Piccard, Dorine Bourneton, Jean-Pierre Haigneré and Michel Tognini.


The 151-m long airship will have its entire upper surface covered in solar film – some 4,800 square meters of it to fully capture sunlight.By day, it collects the sun’s energy; by night, the surplus electricity is stored in fuel cells that produce hydrogen via water electrolysis.The Euro Airship team is expecting an average speed a little over 83 km/h.