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Soukup VGate Magnet Motor Prototype


This is a Soukup VGate magnetic motor. Different individuals have attempted to build a replica of this motor invented by a German inventor and a few of them have been successful in doing so. We watched the original videos of the inventor and liked his tabletop prototypes and attempted to build an almost identical copy of his prototypes. This is our first attempt at a VGate free energy magnetic motor.

source/image: Daniel’s Inventions

Its almost easier to build larger prototypes with very large and strong permanent magnets, but its very difficult to get it to work in a very small and tiny tabletop prototype. Because of its size, the rotor has only 3/8″ magnets installed and 1/8″ thick, there are 54 magnets on the rotor.

The stator has 8 permanent magnets that are 1/2″ wide by 2″ long. We learned a lot by building this prototype.If spun by hand quickly, it can spin for up to 5 minutes before it comes to a gradual stop. The main problem here is the gap between the permanent magnets on the rotor and that of the stator.


If the permanent magnets are too strong, the air gap needs to be even up to 1.5″ apart because if the air gap is too close, there will be too many negative forces clogging up the movement, our air gap is only 1/2″. We are thinking that if smaller rotors were built and different strength of permanent magnets, different results could have been achieved. We will attempt this type of motor again in the future./source