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Spectacular Tiny House Truck Made From Salvaged Materials


Adam and Sian have built an amazing off-the-grid tiny house on the back of a beautiful old Bedford truck. Their home is powered by solar, and is constructed almost entirely from salvaged materials.

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

The tiny home’s interior is stunning and packed with timber giving it a wonderfully warm and welcoming feeling. There’s a large lounge space with wood burning stove and a decent sized kitchen for this couple who love to cook.

After finding a perfect location to park their home long-term, they have found ways of extending their living space, by building a spacious deck, outdoor kitchen and composting toilet.


The couple chose to include an outdoor shower which was built onto the deck area at the back of the truck, allowing it to function as both a shower, but also a really nice outdoor area for the couple.

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