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Spider Like Remote Controlled Walking Excavator


This hydraulic excavator can move like a spider.XCMG, an innovator in the area of construction machinery, is behind the Spider EXC, or ET110. It employs a step and wheel drive, which helps with the dynamic range of motion it achieves.

source/image(PrtSc): BunkChunk

Due to these enhanced capabilities, it can navigate environments successfully with extreme temperatures, higher altitudes and steep slopes, and areas with swampy or semi-damp terrain.

It uses a wheeled driving/walking chassis which is composed of wheeled driving and walking movement. It can go to the places where other mechanical equipment such as gully, swamp, plateau, high and cold can not go. It can carry out excavation, lifting, crushing, drilling, pile planting and other engineering operations.


The successfully applied wireless remote control technology in ET series walking excavators which can automatically adjust working frequency in complex electromagnetic environment to avoid electromagnetic interference that greatly improves the reliability of remote control operations.