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Su-xr Vertical Super Lightweight Rc Edf Jet Vtol Flight


The Su-X is based on the Su-47, but at its core it is a completely new development. Proportions, profiles and many other technical parameters were specifically changed for use as a high-performance EDF jet. Details such as landing gear, fuselage structure, vector nozzles, leading edge flaps and much more were specifically developed and adapted.

source/image(PrtSc): RC MEDIA WORLD

It starts with the take-off stretch, which has been reduced to a few meters. And that also on very uneven terrain, far from an asphalt runway.The airplane has a wingspan 1.65m and a weight of 6.5Kg, the airplane is powered by Het-RC 68-650 / 1130KV engines motor and EDF: 2x Wemotec Midifan Pro 90mm.Pilot: Rene´ Rosentraeger / Maximilian Schild

It continues with the climb performance to reach the starting altitude, for example for an aerobatic program. With a thrust-to-weight ratio> 1, it can go straight up into the sky immediately after take-off.


Now begins the real thing for which the Su-X is built : opening up completely new aviation possibilities. The Su-X combines a gyro-stabilized, indifferent to unstable dynamic stability, with extreme lightweight construction, powerful drive,and low-drag aerodynamics.

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