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Super Spacious Tiny House Design A Tiny House For GIANTS


If you’re looking for a super spacious tiny house design, then this is one you’ll really want to see! Modern, open, off-the-grid and with two sleeping lofts that even I’m able to stand up in, this tiny house could have been built for giants.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

Angus initially became interested in moving into a tiny house after he started transporting them around NZ for clients. Realising it would be a perfect fit for him, he set about purchasing his own dream tiny house and moving it onto an incredible, elevated section with panoramic views.

Fully off grid with solar power and with water sourced from a nearby spring, Angus is building his dream lifestyle here.


He has a shipping container set up with all the solar power utilities and extra storage for his toys such as his side by side, which he uses to take full advantage of the 4×4 track which runs close to his home. We hope you enjoy the full tour of this epic tiny house!/ Living Big In A Tiny House

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