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Tankers Principles,The Types Of Tankers & How The Liquid Cargo Acts While Moves

Here you will see amination of Commercial lorries “Tankers” video which explains the types of tankers and how the liquid cargo acts as the vehicle is moved. That can greatly affect the stability of the vehicle. There are 3 types of Tankers. Bulkheads, Baffles, and Smoothbores. That is a good video to understand and to see the difference of fuel tanks.

image/source: CouchToons

To help you understand why some Tanker Trailers have Baffles/ bulkheads and others do not?“The sloshing effect” In Tanker Trailers.The sloshing effect results from the movement of the liquid in partially filled tanks. This movement can have bad effects on handling. /transcourt

image/source: CouchToons

If you’ve ever pulled a tanker trailer, you’ve experienced the sloshing effects. This aspect of hauling liquid loads can be very intimidating at first for the drtranscourtiver. Some tankers have Bulkheads or baffles and some don’t. /transcourt


Bulkheads – use a solid divider to divide a liquid tanker into several smaller tanks. When loading, and unloading the smaller tanks. Baffles are bulkheads that have holes in them to let the liquid flow through. The baffles help control the forward and backward liquid surge. /transcourt

A tanker without baffles “called “smooth bore” tanks” handles differently than any other trailer. have nothing inside to slow down the flow of the liquid. Therefore, forward-and-back surge is very strong. non-baffled tanks are usually those that transport food products (e.g., milk).