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Techniques That Gigantic Ships Use to Fight Pirates


The evolution of pirates has turned from those who wanted to make a living into criminals who want to cash in and make a profit.Currently, pirates use advanced weapons and ammunition. Pirates use light and fast motorboats to quickly sabotage their target. “Mothership” waits on a short distance to help the pirates.

source/image: Fluctus

Watch the video from Fluctus to learn how cargo ships fight marauding pirates and how rescue teams keep their boats from sinking. They use water cannons as a non-lethal weapon which is extensively used on merchant’s vessels. As an anti-piracy method, the device delivers a powerful and impenetrable stream of water that blows away pirates trying to board the ship.

The cannon can also quickly fill the pirates’ boats to slow them down and hinder their manoeuvrability.Most of the water cannon anti-piracy systems can be remotely controlled from a safe position on ships.


Unlike the above methods, deploying armed guards on a ship is an aggressive method of preventing piracy. They also use Sonic weapons or ‘Long-Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD)’ can immobilize attackers with focused sounds. These weapons have proven to be very effective in stopping pirates.

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