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Lightship L1 Electric Self-Propelled Camping Trailer


Ben Parker and Toby Kraus, two Tesla veterans, have founded a new company that seeks to rethink another type of vehicle: recreational vehicles. Today, they’ve revealed their first product, the Lightship L1, an electrically assisted camping trailer that they claim can be towed by an EV without affecting its range.

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The L1 is a 27-foot travel trailer with a 7,500-lb gross vehicle weight rating and sleeping space for four to six people. The L1 was tightly engineered for zero emissions, for comfort, and built to last. We started with aero principles to create a near-zero range loss for EVs and lower costs at the gas pump. From the battery and solar roof down to appliances, every decision was about ease of use.

source/image(PrtSc): lightshiprv

The L1 harnesses solar energy and a self- propelled drivetrain to bring near-zero range loss to your EV. Set up camp without a power grid, or put your Lightship to work charging your EV, or as a home backup generator.A built-in 80 kWh battery and electric motor help extend your off-grid time and greatly reduce towing range loss.

source/image(PrtSc): lightshiprv

Lightship says the battery and motor will ensure a 300-mile range electric vehicle used to tow the L1 remains a 300-mile range EV. Despite the motor, it will be registered as a towable camper trailer.


And of course, relaxing just outside nature’s door. Kick back with plenty of room to gather and stow it all away in smart storage solutions. Add the bonus of powering your home or charging your EV, and this is unlike any travel trailer you’ve ever had.

Move quickly from Road Mode to Camp Mode with just a touch of the finger. This inviting gathering space is flooded with light for a panoramic view of nature, even when you’re inside. Find serenity in the small moments, from showering to cooking, with our open design and thoughtful, flexible storage.

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