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Teenager Started Building a Mortgage Free Tiny House at Just 18!

In this video by Exploring Alternatives, we meet Josh and Lindsay, a couple from Ontario, Canada who plan to move into their very own custom-made, hand-built tiny house this summer. Josh’s girlfriend Lindsay found out about his plans to live in a tiny house on their first date, and he quickly managed to convince her that living in a small space, with no mortgage, was the key to starting a life together on the right foot.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

The tiny house is built on an 18-foot trailer, and has a 3 foot deck on the back. The THOW (tiny house on wheels) has 2 lofts: one with 2 shed dormers and extra windows to make the bedroom area bright and airy, and another loft at the other end of the house for storage, and/or a second sleeping area.via: Exploring Alternatives

The kitchen cabinets, the custom storage bench, the closets, and the “his and hers” desk, were also custom built by Josh.The roof is covered with standing seam metal, and the house itself is sided with cedar to give it a warm, cozy look.


Josh has been passionate about building from a young age, and this tiny house project convinced him that he’d like to help others build a tiny house to help them live their ideal debt-free lifestyle too, which is why he started the Red Door Tiny Homes company. He can sell plans, or assist with building a tiny house.via: Exploring Alternatives