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Test Drive The New Peraves CZ Electric Monoracer MRE 130


MonoRacer is the perfect FULLY ENCLOSED MOTORCYCLE for LONG DISTANCE TRAVEL. Enjoy safe HIGH SPEED DRIVING at LUXURY comfort. All for 100% travelling pleasure.MonoRacer can house up to two passengers. This fast and beautifully designed bike is not hampered by the weight of more than one person.

source/image(PrtSc): PERAVES CZ a.s. Official

A Cabin-Motorcycle in Electric version is designed to provide you a fast and safe drive in maximum comfort with original PERAVES AMG-leather seats. This e-bike boasts a top speed of 150 mph and a range of 400 km, according to the company. In addition to having room for a second passenger, it also has a 120-liter baggage compartment.

Listen to your favourite music with high quality loudspeakers and enjoy the smooth, powerful and almost noiseless electrical engine. MonoRacer can hit high speeds, but it also slows down to accommodate for different travel needs, as well.


A fully charged battery will last up to 400km. The fast charging make your MonoRacer-130-E the most valuable tool for your future PERSONAL MOBILITY.The motorcycle’s egg-like shape reduces the impact of oncoming vehicles and outside forces. In addition, the hardness of the MonoRacer also helps to keep riders safe and secure within their cabin./PERAVES CZ

VIAPERAVES CZ a.s. Official
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