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1934 Bmw R7 Concept Vintage Motorcycle Walkaround

The amazing BMW R7 is one of the most important, innovative and visually stunning motorcycles ever produced.Although this BMW is over 70 years old, it could almost be a contemporary concept.

source/image(PrtSc): MotorCycleTube

It had an advanced (for its time) streamlined design, as well as technological innovations such as telescoping forks that were decades ahead of their time.

The R7 boasts an 800 cc boxer engine that Leonhard Ischinger designed for BMW. It boasts a forged, 1-piece crankshaft for extra strength, and 1-piece cylinders and cylinder heads.


This bike boasts a 4-speed manual transmission. Instead of the traditional foot shifter, the 1934 R7 boasts a car-style gear shifter to the right of the fuel filler cap.All electric components are safely housed within the motorcycle’s body, making it more durable than other bikes of the era. Though the R7 never made it beyond conception.