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The 19_19 Autonomous Full-Electric Concept Car Inspired By Aerospace

After Ami One Concept, its electric urban mobility concept car, Citroën presents 19_19 Concept, a second electric concept car to celebrate its centenary and set out its vision of extra-urban mobility. 19_19 Concept is a high-tech object with a spectacular design, inspired by aerospace.

source/image: Citroën

It pushes comfort to the extreme, recreating a genuine lounge on wheels in the passenger compartment, on smart suspension to give the sensation of flying over the road.

source/image: Citroën

Innovative and futuristic, it offers a driving range of 800 km, autonomous driving technology and a Personal Assistant that interacts with passengers. The new concept car illustrates ultra-comfort at the service of tomorrow’s mobility.


Through its design: a cabin designed as a true living room in its architecture and materials, plunging each occupant into a cocoon in which each seat is a unique experience of absolute comfort.

Through its technologies: a full-electric concept car with a range of 800 km, a true magic carpet ride with a suspended cabin equipped with suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® combined with smart active control, and featuring autonomous driving technologies and a proactive personal assistant that interacts unprompted with the passengers, bringing each one a whole new experience of car travel.