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The 3000W Poweret Moto Parilla Electric Ultra Carbon Bike

The Ultra Carbon is a totally customized e-bike working in synergy with his rider.Every detail has been studied to find the rider uniqueness in order to merge the souls.Starting from the Carbon line, the Ultra goes beyond to highlight the concept of uniqueness.

source/image: motoparilla

Every Ultra is designed around the biometrics of the rider. The aluminum frame is obtained by a single aluminum block.

source/image: motoparilla

As a sculptor, the numerical control machine removes the aluminum excess to find aggressive shapes and lines, to indulge the engine power, the speediness and the personality as well.


The Ultra Carbon is the craftsmanship work of art. Every detail is hand-finished; every piece is blended with love, every line is drawn with skills. Every Ultra will be different from another one. This is the Ultra DNA.The Ultra has a brushless high performance engine, highly reliable and with a generous power. 3000 Watts of fun and speediness.

source/image: motoparilla

The Ultra is a unique bike and its exclusive design is patented.The Ultra Carbon is equipped with two Alligator 380 mm front discs with 8 calipers, which have been specifically built for this e-bike only.The Carbon has oversized double disc brakes, powerful hydraulic brakes, fat tyres and large handlebar, to increase your safety and fun.