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50sq m Solar-Powered Anthénea Floating Habitat

Anthénea is the 1st eco-luxury hotel suite on the water.Its 4m underwater window offers a contemplative view of the seabed.Take a seat on a unique eco-friendly trip 100% made in France. Anthénea opens to contemplation on the unexpected seabed.This boat for the earthlings offers the opportunity to its travelers to live a unique experience on the water.

source/image(PrtSc): Anthénea

Intimacy, luxury and serenity: Anthénea is a place where we appreciate time.The Anthénea is equipped with five solar panels atop the dome which renders it fully power autonomous.The 50sq m pod has three spaces: a day space, a night space and a relaxation area.The day space in the pod has a sofa, a minibar, curved furniture and a 3m underwater window allowing guests to watch the sea-life outside./cladglobal

This central well also acts as a natural air conditioning system. In the night space, there’s a circular bed and a bathtub.At the top of the pod, the roof of the relaxation area can be opened to reveal a solarium for up to 12 people. All interior features are said to be made entirely from sustainable materials. Optional features include a desalination system and a wood-burning stove.


The pod is also steeped in cinematic history: It’s based off the deep-sea citadel and laboratory “Atlantis” which belonged to James Bond’s aquatic archrival Karl Stomberg in the 1977 classic The Spy Who Loved Me.This new eco-friendly floating apartment mimics a famous James Bond villain’s pad and could be yours for a neat $480,000.