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The AirShip 002 – The Most Unique Aluminium & Stainless Steel Living Capsule

AirShip 002 is one of five iconic prefabricated aluminium and stainless steel insulated living pods used as home, office, studio, and remote hideaway.via: Roderick James Architects

source/image: Roderick James Architects

The AirShip accommodates 2-4 people in a four-poster bed and two bunks with extensive storage underneath; desk space, counter with fold-out table, galley worktop, built-in cupboards, sink, refrigerator, sofa and easy chairs.A balcony is accessed from the South door.

The AirShip uses high quality, heavy duty aluminium and stainless steel components which will not rust, rot, or be affected by weather. The AirShip can be dismantled and moved to an alternative location if circumstances change.


All the components of the lightweight robust frame can be carried by two people so the AirShip can be constructed anywhere, regardless of road access. It is wholly recyclable and the frame incorporates several thousand specially manufactured components designed for rapid, strong assembly.via: Roderick James Architects