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The Best Way to Balance a Motorcycle Tire Yourself


Having balanced wheels is key to a smooth ride, and balancing your own tires is easy to do from your own garage with a static balancer! With the right knowledge and tools, it’s easy to balance your wheels by yourself so you can safely get back on the open road.

source/image: DiscountRamps.com

Make sure your static balancer is sitting nice and level. Remove one of the centering cones from the wheel axle so that you can slide the axle through the center of your wheel.

Reattach the centering cone and set the wheel on the balancer. Tighten the set screws located on both centering cones. If your wheel axle has rubber or screw-in stoppers, use them to prevent the wheel from moving side to side.


Turn the wheel 90 degrees and let it go. Once it settles, mark the wheel’s lighter side, which will be at the top.Apply the adhesive side of the counterweights to the rim. Do not stick them on the tire.Turn the wheel 90 degrees again, and let it go. If the wheel is properly balanced, it will stay in place. If not, repeat all steps again.via/read more: discountramps