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The BMW R1200RT Firexpress – The Ultimate Firefighting Motorcycle


“Meet a lifesaver. A BMW R1200RT bike that features a firefighting system made by the Firexpress – a Denmark-based company specialized in firefighting equipments.”/DriveMag Riders

source/image(PrtSc): DriveMag Riders

The system consists of two tanks connected with one another, each with either 20 or 25 litres premixed water and foam and a 6.8 litre tank for compressed air.The lance is connected to a 20 or 30 meter hose.

It can quickly get through congested traffic and reach a fire scene much quicker than conventional vehicles due to its high speed, mobility and narrowness.


The fire fighting system is mounted on a German made BMW R 1200RT motorcycle and comes with emergency lights and sirens. The motor cycle is fully capable of carrying the extra weight and stay stable at any speed.

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