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Dao Liao Or “Blade Therapy” – Taiwan Massaging With Knives

In Taiwan, massage therapy gets an edge. Dao Liao, or “blade therapy,” has been around for over 2,500 years, first originating in ancient China as an alternative to traditional medicine. Practitioners use specially blunted knives instead of hands to refresh and renew their clientele.

source/image: Great Big Story

The technique is believed to relieve headaches, sores, back pains and migraines and continues to be very popular in Taiwanese culture.The technique of care by the knives has more than 2500 years of existence.

His origin dated back from Ancient China during the spring and fall 8th-5th century BC practiced by monks in monasteries.Back then those suffering from mysterious illnesses not easily treated by traditional medicine would ask Buddhist monks to ease their afflictions with this therapy.


The knives are not the same as you use to prepare dinner, but they have a blunt edge. The heavy blade can reach deeper than fingers, and practitioners believe the conductive steel can remove negative energy from the body.