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The Brielmaier Duo 6, a Motorized Mower With a Huge 6 Metre Working Width

Motor mowers from Brielmaier are known for their large working width and extreme slope performance. The low fuel consumption, the high impact, the soil protection and the practical handling set new standards!

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The mower beam is driven by the 29 horsepower base machine. The second carrier vehicle acts a stabiliser for the mowing beam and so can have a less powerful motor. The driver only operates one machine. The second unit is co-driven automatically.Brielmaier mowers are of course always available with simple rubber tires.read more: brielmaier

Efficiency and ground conservation:More than 50 % faster than conventional machines – considerably higher area capacity of about 3 to 4 ha/hour.35 % less weight per meter of cutting width than a 2 meter cutter bar – safe and ground-friendly.


They offer standard tires 5.00 x 12“, Terra tires 23 x 10,5 x 12“ for light slopes, or twin wheels consisting of two of the narrower tires. On slopes, the exchangeable plastic studs provide maximum footing. In marsh areas, they improve grip and propulsion. The large contact areas of the aluminum drums minimize the pressure on the ground, making the machine easy on the sward.


  • Double-knife cutter bar with an effective cutting width of 6 meters
  • Two base machines moving one cutter bar
  • Intelligent Duo control: The user operates one machine while the second one is electronically synchronized
  • Any existing Brielmaier machines can be combined into a Duo system with the 6-meter bar
  • Radio remote control optionally available