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Visual Teach & Repeat Package, Enables a Robot To Be Taught An Outdoor Path


The Visual Teach and Repeat (VT&R) Package is a vision-based outdoor navigation package designed for research and application development.

source/image(PrtSc): Clearpath

The kit enables a robot to be taught an outdoor path, and then reliably and accurately repeat that path in environments using only a stereo camera.Watch the video from Clearpath for more info:

VT&R is capable of navigating GPS-denied environments and can handle a degree of changing lighting or weather conditions. This technology opens the door for many applications that benefit from repeated traversals over constrained paths, such as orchards, mines and factory floors.


Since the software is vision-only, the software can easily navigate robots in GPS denied environments, which can be a major pitfall for other outdoor autonomous navigation systems.In the repeat phase, VT&R uses this constructed map to localize and drive the vehicle autonomously./via-read more: clearpathrobotics